Open Letter To Anti Vegan Family Members

“If you don’t eat meat, you’re being sinful!”

Cows in pen
Vegans Protect The Vulnerable, Not Exploit Them.

“It’s haram not to eat meat!”

“You are disobeying God!”

“Who’s going to marry you like this?!”

If you’ve made any of these type of statements towards your family member who chose a vegan lifestyle, you need a serious reality check.

Not only are these patently false but they typify the kind of religious and cultural bullying that occurs within many Muslim majority societies, cultures and inside many families.

Thing is, you are so far off the mark here, it is critical you realise you’re actually tearing down good hearted people making a real difference. They are trying to undo all the damage you are causing with your current lifestyle.

There is nothing in Islam that mandates what one has to eat. It is ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

God leaves these affairs to us – so long as we eat what is both halal (permissible) and “tayyib” (pure and wholesome), then we can live off whatever we like.

More on the halal and tayyib portion later.




Why Vegan IS More Ethical


What you are failing to realise, is by going vegan, your sons and daughters, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren are actually doing far more good for this world and aligning themselves a lot closer to Islamic values than you are.


They’re standing up and saying NO to industries that are predicated on everything Islam opposes.

They’re saying NO to every environmental horror inflicted on our world as a result of animal agriculture which involves the mass torture, rape and killing of animals.

So they are not saying no to you, they are listening to their hearts and saying yes to what God asked of them.

Above all, they are saying YES to a new beginning; a new era where we give back to this world, protect the oppressed and be healthier for it.

If you’re not aware of the impact your meat, dairy and egg habits have on this world, then please familiarise yourself.

I wrote more about that here.

Being vegan in today’s world is by far the most ethical way to live because like Islam, it strongly opposes abuse and exploitation of both other sentient beings as well as the environment. 

Many people are either ignorant, heedless, unaware or simply too grounded in their belief systems to accept the fact they are living highly exploitative, unethical lives despite their beliefs of religiosity, decency and observance.

I realise the cognitive dissonance is strong but that’s a great sign that you are resolving internal conflicts based on what you’ve been taught Vs what is.

It’s not an easy thing to accept for many people but in my experience, when I break it down for them and explain the intricacies of what they overlook, most will acknowledge they need to change their ways. 

So allow me to share some of these thoughts with you so you can cut your vegan family members, relatives and friends some slack.

It is very likely that you are the one in the wrong here and doing what displeases God – not them.


What Is Being Opposed


In order for your to enjoy your milk, eggs and meat every day, a lot of horrific things have to happen to a lot of animals.

See, when you’re part of the cycle, you help keep the industry machine running.

You are voting yes to animal cruelty, torture and rape with your purchase.

Here, let me show you:

Your eggs were a result of billions of male chicks being gassed or ground up alive.

The egg industry can’t use them because they don’t lay eggs so they kill them en masse.

It doesn’t matter whether they are cage-free, free range or any other label the egg industry tricks consumers with: male chicks are killed.

Here’s a detailed video of them doing it:


This is the cruel life cycle and fate of male chicks just because of who they are.

It reminds me of the pre-Islamic psychotic practice of burying baby girls alive because it was “the custom”. 

Well, your child has said NO to this barbaric practice of killing male babies. You on the other hand like it or not, fund this with each egg carton you buy.

Are they so wrong here or are you?

Is opposing these heinous practices against Islam or is it the very essence of what Islam stands for?

Aside from the fact eggs aren’t safe or healthy as stated by the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) themselves, knowing what you know now; how can you still consider yourself a compassionate and ethical person if you continue buying them?

It may be a good time to revise your judgement of others and do some critical introspection so you may reevaluate your choices.





What The Meat & Dairy Industries Hide From You


As for the milk you buy, it’s very likely to come from raped and abused cows.

Cows are forcibly impregnated via a “rape rack” where workers slide their entire arms inside the cow’s anus to reach her vagina to impregnate her with masturbated bull semen.

This is just the beginning of her short, miserable life.

As soon as she gives birth, her calf is taken away from her causing her an enormous amount of physical and emotional stress.

She may call out for it for days on end.

She’s then hooked up to machines that milk her round the clock. She may get mastitis. She’s fed all sorts of stuff ranging from soy to dead animals.

It’s a hellish existence where she will not see sunlight, walk on grass or enjoy the fresh air.

Her natural lifespan of 20-25 years is reduced to 4-7; such are the conditions she must endure.

Sometimes she may collapse under her own weight, unable to go on from the sustained abuse.

Once she’s no longer useful to the dairy industry, they send her off to have her throat cut and end up in a plastic wrapped package in a supermarket with a nice sticker of a happy, dancing cow on it.

If this just sounds too far fetched or you’re skeptical feel free to do your own research or simply watch the summary of the points above:



This is a glimpse of what your loved one is saying NO to and you’re criticising them for it?

Your meat is yet another wretched story.

It is derived from the netherworld where the denizens of hell are employed to torture and kill billions of animals.

They regulalry:

  • Have their horns and tails cut without anesthetic
  • Are prodded with electric rods forcing them to march to their deaths down blood soaked halls
  • Are forced to watch and listen to fellow comrades scream and die before them.

Then it’s their turn.

They try everything to escape but they end up being entrapped in their torture machines, where they are killed without mercy.

Usually with a bolt gun to their skull where they collapse and writhe in pain.

Depending on the animal, they are hung upside down and often sawn in half while they are still alive and conscious. 

Their heads, tongues, intestines and other parts are commonly put on open display in Muslim majority countries in ghastly open air markets that would make the Grim Reaper proud.

The repugnant stench of death wafts in the air; signalling funneling swarms of flies to gather.

If they are birds or rabbits, they are confined to suffocating wooden cages until a buyer yanks them out by their ears or wings to take home and butcher.

This is how we treat GOD’S creation.

So let me ask you…

Why is it when someone disrespects a mosque or any other inanimate man made object that’s a result of our imagination, people often die as a result of the backlash but when God’s own creation is treated with such hostility and open disdain, nobody cares?

We guard our own creation with our lives and mass murder God’s every second of every day.

The morbid irony is palpable. 

In what universe can all of these practices be considered halal and tayyib?

Abusing animals is strictly forbidden in Islam so what about industries that institutionalise the very same abuse?

Sorry to disappoint you but there is nothing “halal” and “tayyib” about these industries and they should should be called for what they are: diabolical, grotesque entities established to make billions while billions suffer.

This is what your loved one is saying NO to.




Wait, But I Love Animals!


Most self proclaimed animal lovers I’ve come across are actually pet lovers. 

There’s a huge difference.

I don’t eat those I love.

I know you may say “but I get my meat from only halal places where the cows live great lives!” and my response to you is snap out of it and look at the bigger picture.

The gravity of the situation is far beyond your belly.

Even if you think the animals are treated well (before they are brutally murdered of course), you’re still directly contributing to many ecological disasters by supporting the breeding and killing of animals. 

See, by continuing to support such industries; you’re supporting the destruction of millions of acres of precious forests to make room for more livestock. 

Cattle already occupy over 1/3rd of the Earth’s arable land, so what the hell are you doing?

By extension, you are also supporting the extinction of many rapidly vanishing species.

Their homes are being destroyed at alarming rates so yet even more livestock can be produced.

It’s a self perpetuating cycle of endless greed and horrendous exploitation

This is what your loved one is saying NO to.



How You Can Benefit


Aside from sparing countless lives of God’s creatures, protecting his trees, waters, soil and air, the direct health benefits of eating a whole foods vegan diet is undeniable. 

The unbiased science doesn’t lie (studies not bought and paid for by industry).

There isn’t a person you or I know who hasn’t either been directly or indirectly affected by heart disease, cancer, diabetes or any of our world’s top killers.

Imagine that; the very animals whose lives you made insufferable by supporting the industries responsible for their torture and death…slowly kill you from the grave.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, there is a much better way where nobody is harmed.

What if I told you a whole foods plant based diet has been specifically proven to not only stop but reverse many of these illnesses?

Here’s an entire seminar on it by the world’s leading doctor specializing in nutrition:



Just imagine the amount of lives that could be saved, extended and improved by slashing the deaths of our top killers.

Is it not worth it?

Add to that the enormous health care costs that could be saved and the extensive flow on effect as a result.

Our world would be in a much better place.

And just imagine how much better you would feel overall by eating cruelty free.

Not to mention the fact you’re very likely to lose weight and we know for a fact obesity increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Finally, I’d like you to do yourself a quick exercise (relax, you won’t need to lift any weights):

I want you to imagine the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sitting next to you; reading this article alongside you.

Knowing what you know about his uncompromising stance against animal cruelty, ask yourself if you could honestly look him in his blessed face and say to him you could be part of these industries in any way, shape or form.

Your sons and daughters have been right all along.

Maybe it’s time to join them.

I’ll close with this from Bob Dylan:

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly aging
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
Cause the times they are a-changing

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Feel free to share and spread the corruption! 🙂

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