The fur industry is one of the most cruel, barbaric and disgusting industries on the planet.

Millions upon millions of innocent creatures are exploited for their fur and no self respecting Muslim should ever support these monsters. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing some Muslims sport jackets and other clothing lined with animal fur.

If you are/were unaware just how cruel this industry is, then now you have no excuse and if you are aware and still choose to wear it, you are heartless human being. That’s the bottom line.

ANYONE who supports vile companies like Canada Goose who make a living trapping and killing innocent animals should be ashamed of themselves.

I don’t care who you are. If you wear fur, you are a vile human being. No animal should have to die so you can look ridiculous in an overpriced coat.




It doesn’t matter what kind of fur it is; how can we as a community who call for God’s justice for ALL beings; how can we who proclaim over and again we follow the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was a mercy to all the worlds support such savage, heartless bastards?

Do you realize these animals are anally electrocuted, beaten to death, trapped in steel jaw traps for days on end and skinned alive all for a fashion statement? Female coyotes will sometimes chew their own trapped leg off in order to get to her pups.

The geese whose feathers are literally torn from their bodies while they are fully awake don’t think it’s fashionable or funny.

Don’t be a mindless drone – be the voice for the voiceless.

These animals will testify against you on the Day of Judgement that you knew very well how they were treated and you chose to turn a blind eye to their suffering.

The famous hadith of a woman who was condemned to hellfire for mistreating a cat could not be more relevant here.

If she was sent to hell for mistreating a single cat, how about the millions of innocent coyotes, mink, foxes, rabbits (who scream when they are being skinned), dogs, raccoons and other animals who are tortured before being killed?

Where are the speakers and scholars for the animals? Enough bid’a and beard lectures, we need more education and awareness how to protect these sentient creatures who are violated each and every minute of every day!

Below you can see exactly what happens to these animals by demonic animal abusers and murderers and what you are supporting by buying such products:






What Does Your Heart Tell You When You See This?


If you own clothing with real animal fur on it, then make the compassionate decision to donate it to an animal sanctuary, orphanage, rescue or shelter where they can use it to help baby animals. They will be thankful for it and at least you are giving the fur back to to it’s rightful owners.

Don’t advertise for these companies by wearing dead animals. In fact, fight them directly head on by spreading awareness to others so God willing, one day, we can put them out of business permanently.

What you can do to help:

  • Never buy these products. Any company relies on sales to stay afloat. These are no different. Boycott them for good.
  • Spread, share and educate others as best you can whether by speaking to them, on social media or posters.
  • Attend protests if you are able to. Support those who fight for animals, irrespective of color or creed. If you cannot attend personally, then donate to their cause.
  • CONFRONT companies and those who support them. Visit the company’s Facebook page and let them know what they are doing is barbaric and cruel.
  • Encourage your local leaders, imams and scholars to start speaking up and educating themselves on animal rights. We have to do better than the casual one line mentions in a Friday sermon.


Be sure to check out this guide which helps you distinguish between real animal fur from fake.