Every Muslim and human being with any sense of compassion should watch this and learn exactly how modern day dairy products are antithetical to everything Islam stands for.

How can anyone sit there and consume milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, cream and any other dairy derived product and not be shaken to the core at the price God’s creatures pay?



We are basically speaking about systematic, relentless abuse of cows from before they are born ( via rape) to the very end of their short, miserable lives.

Here are some facts you should be aware of:

  • Like other mammals, cows produce milk when they’re pregnant or have a newborn to nourish. 
  • Dairy cows are kept perpetually pregnant, over and over again by being raped over and again so they can continue giving milk round the clock
  • Once she gives birth, her baby is forcibly removed from her so they don’t “steal” “our” (?) milk.
  • She’s then hooked up to a machine and milked far beyond what her body can handle. 
  • She eventually collapses from mental and physical exhaustion after about 4-5 years. Naturally, she would live 20-25 years.
  • When she can no longer go on, she is swept up like a meaningless object and sent off to have her throat cut so we can eat her flesh.

It doesn’t matter whether they are “grass-fed” “free range” or “organic” all modern day factory farms operate this way and it’s an absolute disgrace.

Do not be tricked or have your children be conned by upbeat, glitzy commercials showing signing, happy cows.

Consuming dairy is also one of the very worst things you can do for the environment and your body.

It is highly mucous forming, acidic and has been linked to many health problems ranging from heart disease, acne, eczema, osteoporosis and many other ailments.

Fancy that – the top 11 countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis also have the highest dairy intake.

Hasn’t the dairy industry told us since we were in grade school we need dairy for strong bones?

Even their propaganda machine can’t spin their way out of these realities.

So not only does it violate harmless creatures by institutionalizing brutality against them, the secretions from these stressed out animals exact a horrific toll on our world and health.

Many Muslims will be quick to cite the Qu’ran claiming milk is mentioned there so it is okay to consume.  

rape rack dairy industry
Group Rape. How Can THis Ever Be “Halal?”

In case they really believe what they just watched above is the same thing as what’s in the Qu’ran, then a quick reality check is in order.

Let me clarify something upfront:

The milk mentioned in the Qu’ran bears no resemblance whatsoever to what we have today…

  1. When God speaks about food in the Qu’ran; He’s referring to it “as it should be” or in it’s purest, natural state. In other words, how the laws of nature work in their own ways, cycles and time periods. It is not referring to destructive human interference as shown above. 

      2. Further to the above, the pasteurization process acidifies milk from an otherwise cooling, alkaline liquid to an acidic one to extend shelf life.  Milk directly from another animal has a very short shelf life and isn’t pasteurized.

      3. The quantities of milk and dairy consumed today is extreme and not reflective of the practice of 7th century Arabia where it was only consumed out of necessity and in much smaller quantities. If you have ever tried milk directly from an animal, you will know how rich it is and how only small amounts at a time could be consumed, not the bucketloads guzzled today.

     4. The industry wide abuse renders any milk given from these animals today as harmful as it is loaded with pus cells and stress hormones.

As you can see, the religious argument citing decontextualized texts has little value to the current discussion.

Knowing what we know today about how strongly Prophet Muhammad stood against animal cruelty, do you think he would consume today’s dairy?

If you know deep down he wouldn’t (and he most certainly wouldn’t), then take the next step to oppose such industries and go vegan for the animals, for the environment, for your health and above all – because it is simply a more ethical way to live.