Muslim Scholars Should Declare Factory Farming Haram

Dear Muslim scholars, men and women alike.
I write to you so you can wake the hell up. 
If you’ve taken offense to this opening statement, then great because I intend to lay out for you standard industry practices across the world in the meat, dairy and egg industries and then perhaps your offense won’t be as important as the suffering of billions of God’s creatures.
I may be not as learned as you in theology or Islamic sciences. What I do however know is we are capable of compassion, mercy and love. I also know Islam is a faith of reason, logic and relevancy for all places and all times.
Today however, Muslims by and large and unfortunately by extension, Islam itself, is seen as an entity that places very little value on animal rights.
We have been largely disconnected from how these factory farmed animals feel. The closest we come to them is when we are munching on their corpses or being advertised to; to do so. 
Therefore it is vitally important we do everything within our abilities to reclaim our identity as one that fights for the rights of all life.


The Evil Of Modern Day Factory Farming


It doesn’t matter what type of animal is being mass produced and f(h)armed.

Factory “farming” as an entity today, is one of the most demonic industries in existence. 

I chose those words very carefully and hopefully once you familiarize yourself with how they operate, you will arrive at very similar conclusions.

Just to give you an idea, today’s meat, egg and dairy industries routinely:

Shoot male calves in the head or kill them for no other reason except they are male. Since they cannot produce milk, they are useless to the dairy industry. That’s the measure of their life today. 

Here, watch:



2. Tear apart newborn calves from their mothers soon after birth causing extreme emotional distress to mother and calf alike.

Here, watch:



3. “Debeak”chickens. This is cutting off their beaks so they won’t peck each other due to them being tightly confined in cages together.

Here, watch:


4. Mass gas and/or throw BILLIONS of male chicks alive into grinders each year because they can’t lay eggs (useless to egg industry).

Here, watch:


5. Kill animals in front of others.

Here, watch:


6. Put preventative “weaning” rings around the mouths of calves so no matter how hard they try to suckle from their mothers in their brief time with them, they cannot.

Here, watch:


7. Rape cows often via a “rape rack” where workers slide their entire arm inside a cow’s vagina and forcibly impregnate her with masturbated bull semen.

Here, watch:


 As well as the gross violations seen above, many other atrocities routinely occur like:
  • Regular beatings
  • Animals living/standing in their own feces
  • Psychological torture
  • Mutilation by cutting horns, tails, beaks and branding them without anaesthetic
  • Confining them in an inhumane manner
  • Injecting them with hormones to make them increase their growth/milk and/or egg production at unnatural levels
  • Never letting them see the sun, grass or the outside world
  • Depriving them off their offspring

These are NOT isolated incidents.

These are STANDARD PRACTICES in the vast majority of today’s meat, egg and dairy industries around the world.

So, what do you think sheikh, is this not the work of devils?

Mass murdering, mutilating, killing infants, enslaving, etc – how on God’s good Earth can this be considered permissible in Islam?

It’s not, you know it and you need to step up and say so. 

You don’t need to consult fiqh books to declare this outrightly impermissible and those who support such industries are indeed committing grave acts of injustice.
Didn’t the Prophet (pbuh) ask his companions “who has hurt the feelings of a mother bird?” and ordered them to return her chicks to her?
Well the dairy industry takes newborns from their mothers as standard practice to the point, mothers cry out for them for days at a time.
BILLIONS of mothers go through this every year but they will never see their newborns again.
Use your heart and compassion, use common sense, qiyas or whatever you like – just say something – ANYTHING against these practices. 


Effects On Our World


Our previous article on how animals are treated during Eid demonstrates just how far we as a community have regressed on these critical issues. 

It also highlighted how much the world is in peril as a result of animal agriculture. 

Cows wading in their own filth. Very common in factory farms.

In summary, it is THE LEADING CAUSE of:

 -Habitat loss

-Species extinction

-Ocean dead zones

-Air and water pollution

-Soil erosion

This is what happens when billions upon billions of pounds of animal excrement is dumped into our waters, decimating all life that it touches; creating “ocean dead zones” that are now the biggest they’ve ever been.

The same oceans referred to in the Qu’ran.

This is what happens when entire swaths of rainforests and wilderness are razed to the ground to make room for yet MORE livestock – purposely bred into existence for no other reason other than to perpetuate the insidious cycle of such industries.

The same trees referred to in the Qu’ran.  

The scale of the ecological disaster is so far reaching and immense, it’s hard to fathom how Muslim scholars once knowing these facts, wouldn’t declare such industries as outright dangerous to this world and exhort fellow Muslims to boycott them. 

I cannot accept Islam sanctions annihilating entire species.

I cannot accept the religion I have been taught is so compassionate would have it’s followers sit by and watch as our oceans are gradually decimated of beautiful life.

As fellow humans starve. As millions of sentient creatures each day are brutally tortured then killed like their lives don’t matter. 

I urge you to familiarise yourself with the toll these industries are exacting on our world.

Start with Cowspiracy and work your way from there (see The Documentaries section).


You Are Needed


Standard egg industry practice.

When I write, debate, discuss, share, donate, petition and lobby as best as I can to help fight against these industries, you know who I see MOSTLY involved?

Our non Muslim friends.

Do you know who is sadly missing? 


You are so badly needed to show our communities a better way because we’re getting left out of the conversation and marching heedlessly towards our own destruction. 

I grow increasingly tired of speaking with Muslims about these issues and their indoctrinated, knee-jerk response is “the Prophet ate meat, it’s in the Qu’ran, don’t make haram what Allah has made halal, end of discussion!” – as if being a Muslim compels one to forfeit all faculties of logic and reason and to forsake all deductive capabilities of what’s going on around us.

I would love for you to explain to them that just because something may technically be allowed, it does not mean it will always be the case, particularly when greater harm can be avoided.

If by doing X, a great harm will result, then better not to do X.

You know better than I that our tradition is riddled with examples of how important it is to treat animals and all life with kindness and mercy. 

Yes, we hear you talk so much about adab (mannerisms) and rightly so. But where is the adab towards these animals? Where is the respect towards God’s creatures? Where is the “character” and “taqwa” (God consciousness) when buying products that support industries that institutionalise rape and murder towards the very creatures God entrusted us with? 

Where is the “mizaan” (balance) spoken about in the Qu’ran and not to upset this balance?

In fact, all of the qualities you speak frequently about – compassion, justice, mercy, kindness, beauty, benevolence, love, care, forbearance, courage – are hauntingly absent as these animals are subjected to daily abuse, far beyond the awareness of detached consumers.

These animals have done NOTHING to deserve this and are treated this way just for being who they are. 

If you cannot bring yourself to condemn and call on others to boycott such industries, then you’re a walking contradiction and you’ll be answerable for wilfully turning away from open oppression. 

I’m sorry but you don’t get afforded the luxury to lecture about love, compassion and mercy then remain silent on industries that don’t afford any of this to these animals.


We Are In 2017 – Different Times, Different Circumstances – Why The Same Rulings?


We can no longer live by age old held rulings that have a complete disconnect with today’s realities. 

With respect, scholars of the past didn’t issue rulings pertaining to modern day challenges. 

They wrote and spoke about what concerned them in their own times.

Had they encountered what we are facing today, it leaves little doubt they would have been the pioneers of change; not reactionaries. 

Doing nothing isn’t an option sheikh.

I’ll be damned if I hear you or any other person declare in the name of Islam that the practices used against these animals is “halal” or to even excuse, rationalise or justify them in any way.

Look, I understand these conversations unsettle a lot of people because they have been indoctrinated since birth that this is just the way it’s supposed to be with little to no opposition to make them critically think.

On the contrary, the Muslims I do speak with who try and tell their families and communities about these issues are openly mocked and ridiculed!

They are told they are going against God Himself by NOT participating in something that clearly mistreats His creation.

These uncomfortable conversations must be had.

We need open, clear dialogue and education because as long as we continue down our old ways, we’ll get more of the same.

We’re calling upon you as a Muslim scholar to:

 1) Thoroughly educate yourself on factory farming practices.

 2) Officially declare such practices and all establishments that use such products as impermissible to support. Denouncing such practices and declaring them in direct opposition with Islamic values and encouraging Muslims to boycott these industries would be a positive first step.

 Do not turn away.

Critically evaluate what you know at this point and be prepared to do what’s best for all concerned. 

Your focus to date has been almost exclusively on what animals to kill and eat and it has never been about how to protect them, care for them or uphold their rights. 

Understanding mass commercialisation of animals is literally destroying our world on so many levels will facilitate a more holistic understanding of the issues at hand.

Only when these industries see consumers vote with their $ will they affect real change.

The people responsible for such evil in the world are real people with names. They are not some faceless entity.
Make them feel a portion of distress they inflict on countless beings.
Make them understand we as Muslims will never stand for their barbaric practices. 
I’ve laid out my thoughts.
Would love to hear yours. 

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  1. Dearest,

    It is inappropriate to point our fingers to the Imam, Islamic scholars, or muslims to take care of this issue.

    Islam has its proper guidance to deal with all issues based on its holy book, Quran, and the teaching (Hadist or Sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessing Upon Him. The Sunnah comprises of His acts, teaching and the acts of companions during His time those He let the companion do.

    About the foods, Islam also has prescribed the foods that muslims allowed and not allowed to eat and even can be eaten a certain food that cannot be eaten in certain situation or condition. There is also no such thing to totally oppose to eat somethings just based on own perception. Islam also teaches how muslims eat moderately as a best way for “preventative Islamic medicines”.

    Back to the ranch, the issue we are concerning here needs to be discussed and share globally for everyone without borders of faith and nationality. There is no such a cruelty in Islam in dealing with treating or consuming whatever has been provided by God to the human kind and used it for human welfare and prosperity. As long as it has been adhered in accordance with the teaching of Islam.

    As we have been seeing that there is inequality of food distribution around the world and inequality of wealth distribution among the people on the planet. Therefore, there is a need from those in their capabilities to contribute to solve the issue. Islam has five pillars for every muslim obligate to perform. One of them is to pay compulsory charity, besides another optional charities which are also recommended. Using these resources can be channeled to overcome the issue we all concerned. This can be done by everybody else, not only under Islamic faith, but also the rests by making adjustments to all the needs.

    My notion in regard to the dumping of the animals concerned, why do not take them as a solution for the use of them for food sources equally distribution or even provide job opportunities for another group of people in another part of the world where the people suffering from the food shortages!

    The constraints and barriers to solve are laid only on the sincerity and caring. Removing selfishness to contribute to a good deed is very good solution and welcome😍🤝👍

    Thank you


    1. I didn’t really follow the point you were trying to make but did find your post offensive to God’s creatures. For you to deny the cruelty inflicted upon animals and diminish the efforts of those who oppose such actions; is in itself; contrary to the very principles you claim to follow.

  2. I love this post I wish I had seen this sooner. I became vegan first due to health reasons than i realised how corrupt the industry is, even what is deemed to be ‘halal’ , some companies still electrocute the animal before it is slaughtered in the halal way.
    Is it bad for me to say that I am against all kinds of killing in any shapes and sizes and that includes killing animals? I love animals, i think we become desensitised and actually forget what we are eating were someones child or parent once upon a time and it makes me so angry and causes me to burst into tears everytime i think about it. animals are a lot like us they do not deserve to die.

  3. Thank you for this amazing post. It’s 2019 and meat is in demand more then ever before. Especially with the keto diet and now the carnivore diet where people eat nothing but meat. The prophet pbh only used to eat meat on special occasions would he pbh really approve of evil factory farming? It’s something we have to ask ourselves and stop turning a blind eye.

  4. Bless you for writing this. The importance for Muslims to call for change in its treatment of animals cannot be overemphasized.

    This is equally true of other religion, since Religion supports and justifies animal cruelty.

    I am an ex-Catholic who left the Church because of its refusal to condemn animal cruelty. Now theologians, such as Dr. John Berkman, are speaking up, and I will do what I can to support him and the others.

    I hope you will keep trying to reach members of your community too. The comments to your article sound hopeful.

    Thank you again.

    1. Thank you Marcia for your compassion and willingness to make a difference to our world.

      May God guide us to what’s best!

    2. I am so sorry that you had to leave the church because of that. I feel like religions especially those who are seen as role models are so accustomed to old practices they never understand the context of the past and do not like change. I have had a lot of hate for being a vegan muslim saying that I am not a good muslim for that reason. Never let anyone get to you like that. Your relationship with God is yours only, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
      May God guide the wrong doers and help us bring peace to the world not just with humans but also with animals as well

  5. Me what do I think be it Muslim, Jew or Christian or whatever faith mass murder or factory farming.coming from a Muslim faith background like many other main stream faiths all full of hypocrisy. Having your throat slit is murder and trust me it’s not pain free like these filthy religious scholars will have you believe.

    I have seen this killing as a child and were told it’s gods will to murder total nonsense. I am happily an atheist don’t buy into any religion full stop sod halal or any method it’s murder barbaric

    1. Whilst I agree with your sentiment religion in general has been hijacked by clergy to impose their own wishes and desires on masses, I think it’s a gross oversimplification to assert consuming animals in all cases is wrong when you factor in the historical context the holy books were revealed in. Being 100% plant based in regions like 7th century Arabia would have seen entire civilizations perish. Therefore, it’s best to examine each situation on a case by case basis rather than generalise when there are so many different variables.

  6. Thanks for your efforts to write this article with these strong arguments.
    I hope all muslim Scholars especially in the west can read your article and spread these informations or take actions.
    God bless you!

  7. This is very unfortunate that the people who can make a difference are so apathetic to these issues. If only the imams of the mosques educate themselves of the modern day farming practices and address the issues in their khutbas, then many people would give up products of the these brutal farms which may force the firms to operate humanely. The question is, if the Islamic scholars truly believe in the religion how come they overlook such important aspect of the religion – kindness towards animals.
    I only came to know about the horrific dairy industry a few days ago. Life is unthinkable for me without the dairy products but I am gradually reducing the intake. Some times I wonder about when healthy lab produced milk and milk products will be available in the market.

    1. Great comment Samira and every step you take to rid yourself of dairy is a step in the right direction towards mercy and kindness to all. Keep going and never give up on what you truly believe is right in your heart. Feel free to join our Facebook support group which helps folks in their transition as you outlined above. God bless.

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