Don’t Kill An Animal This Eid

No, I am not going to sacrifice an animal this Eid-ul-Adha nor am I going to pay someone to do it for me.

happy sheep smiling

Instead, my sacrifice is going to be of a non animal nature and yes, it is religiously sanctioned and justified.

I saw animals being slaughtered when I was a boy and it hurt me deeply.

I couldn’t understand why such beautiful creatures had to die.

Still don’t.

Remember, killing is not something humans are innately born to do.

Children do not naturally kill kittens, lambs and bunnies. They play, explore with and protect them. Their first instinct is to love.

In other words, I don’t see how it’s part of the “fitra” or natural human disposition to go out of one’s way to kill when there’s no genuine need to.

Yes, I am aware of the verses in the Qu’ran regarding consuming certain animals but if you’ve ever seen an animal get slaughtered from a young age when your innocence is still intact, it stays with you; beleive me.

We’re told Islam requires us to slaughter humanely. What exactly, is “humane” slaughter?

The word humane is defined ashaving or showing compassion or benevolence.

How does one “compassionately” or “benevolently” cut someone’s throat? Doesn’t the act of killing by definition negate any benevolence?

This is another discussion worth exploring as I genuinely would love to learn.

For now, I know in my heart God will not be displeased because I decided to show compassion to his creatures and not kill them.

In fact this attitude was openly condoned by the Prophet Muhammad in an authentic tradition:

Qurra ibn Iyas reported: A man said, “O Messenger of Allah, I was going to slaughter a sheep but I had mercy on it (or felt sorry for it).” The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “If you had mercy on the sheep, then Allah will have mercy on you twice.” (al-Adab al-Mufrad 373 Book 20, Hadith 373), Graded as Sahih (authentic) by Sh. Al-Albani, rh).

The Issues At Hand

Having said that, let me make a couple of things abundantly clear from the outset:

  1. I am not here to argue against the fact Islam allows eating certain animals. It does.
  2. Nor am I here to declare and/or make what is permissible impermissible and vice versa. Not my area.

I’m here to ask how these can be reconciled with the very real challenges we are faced with today.

Yes, some difficult and perhaps uncomfortable questions will be asked and I sincerely hope our scholars, learned folks and community alike have the spiritual, moral and ethical courage to address these questions with objectivity and pragmatism.

I feel there are two main points:

1.  The impact our animal consumption is having on our world today

2. The way animals are treated especially during the Haj season (and of course at other times of the year).

As stated earlier, Islam permits Muslims to consume certain animals.

So we have the text.

Scholars have written extensively about the rules and regulations on this topic.

We have the guidelines.

Sadly however they are devoid of today’s context.

What we have today are rules and regulations based on what “should be” and not “what is”.

From an environmental perspective, today’s world is vastly different than the one Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived in.

Unfortunately, we are yet to upgrade our practices to reflect this reality.

In fact, we have superimposed our modern day cruel and exploitative practices on Islam thereby rendering the original mosaic into an eyesore.


The Impact Mass Killing Animals Is Having On Our World Today

This brief video highlights precisely some of what animal agriculture is doing to our world today (sources in video):

In case you missed it, animal agriculture is:

  • Responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions – more than the global transportation industry combined.
  • The leading cause of species extinction
  • The leading cause of ocean dead zones
  • The leading cause of habitat destruction
  • The leading cause of water pollution

Ocean dead zones are perhaps one of the most disturbing.

This occurs when so much animal excrement and toxins (mainly from factory farms) are dumped by the billions of pounds into the seas. They vanquish all life in the area by depleting oxygen rendering them uninhabitable for marine life. As such, once flourishing ecosystems become “dead zones”. No more naturally landscaped corals, no more darting schools of fish, no more gliding rays or turtles: it’s a desolate, eerie underwater grave.

We are not talking about small, insignificant areas either.

ocean dead zone

The dead zone off the Gulf of Mexico measured 6,474 square miles (16,760 square kilometers) in 2015.

Today, that’s ballooned to 8,776 square mileslarger than the State of New Jersey.

Industrialized factory farming, cruelty, torture, greed and pollution can only result in one thing:

Corruption has appeared throughout the land and the sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness]. – Qu’ran 30:41

Now if that were the only thing killing animals has done to our world, it would be worth prioritising.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land
  • 1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared for animal agriculture every second 
  • Animal agriculture is also a leading cause of human starvation.

Wait, what?

Yes, over 1 billion humans are starving and malnourished today and animal agriculture is a leading cause of this.

They starve because the food we could feed them with is given to billions of animals instead.

We then kill these animals and feed less people with them and use up ungodly amounts of resources to do so.

But isn’t the entire purpose of udhiya (qurbani) supposed to be to feed the poor?

Well the question arises : Given the purpose of sacrifice is to feed the poor, but sacrificing today is contributing to more people going hungry among many other environmental disasters, then isn’t it time to re-examine this practice?

If we have a choice to make this world better, why wouldn’t we?

Points To Consider

We have a golden opportunity to set an incredible example if we fed the poor with non animal sources because:

a) It would feed a lot more people and isn’t there more reward for feeding more people? (An acre of land properly harvested can yield around 35,000 lbs of plant foods Vs around 250 lbs of meat).

b) It would give the earth and animals much needed respite from the hell mankind has unleashed on them

c) Not doing so will contribute further to the environmental calamities we face. 

Another thing to consider:

  • The verses in Surah Al Hajj outlining the sacrifice (verses 31-37) were revealed in the first year after the Prophet (pbuh) arrived in Medina. The Muslim population at that point in time was approximately between 200-300. The number of animals they would have sacrificed can be safely estimated at a few dozen or hundred. We are now fast approaching 2,000,000,000 (billion) Muslims. We are not collectively sacrificing a few dozen or even hundred, we are now killing tens of millions on Eid alone. The sheer number slaughtered (not including the ones killed throughout the rest of the year) exacts a horrific toll on both animals and our planet as highlighted above. This is simply unsustainable.

Aren’t Islam’s objectives to maximize benefit and minimize harm to all?

Surely it also allows for suspending an action, even if it’s for a period of time if not doing so will result in further and greater harm.

So would Islam still sanction the mass killing of animals on Eid today given the fact our planet is in peril largely because of…mass killing of animals?

I hear a very loud NO train hurtling towards us on that one.

I can already hear alarm bells in some folk’s minds: “He’s trying to change the faith!”  “Islam’s rules don’t change!”  “We have to sacrifice an animal on Eid no matter what!”

None of these statements are factually correct.

Islam doesn’t require us to stop striving to become better global citizens.

In fact it mandates it.

So how can you claim to be a compassionate, caring soul when your actions are directly contributing to the misery of others?


Animal Abuse – Sheep

The other side of this discussion and perhaps the most important in terms of restoring our sense of humanity are the victims themselves – the animals.

See, nobody in our communities talk about them unless they’re posting cute shots of their pets on Facebook or telling their kids bedtime stories.

We treat them like they don’t matter.

William Ralph Inge, an 18th century Anglican bishop said it best:

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.

They are the most oppressed beings on the face of the planet.

As we approach another Eid, millions of animals – mainly sheep but also goats, cows, buffalo and camels are subjected to some of the most horrific treatment imaginable.

Many suffer from physical and psychological torture before they are mercilessly massacred – ironically all under the name of the faith that mandates the opposite.

Australian sheep are shipped by the millions thousands of miles to the Middle East to accommodate the bi annual mass killing that occurs. These animals are made to endure hell on earth.

They are crammed tightly into transport trucks that look exactly like the concentration camp carriages Jews were placed in during The Holocaust.

That’s violation #1 and in direct conflict with Islamic principles. We may not transport animals in such ways.

They are forced to stand in often sweltering conditions the entire journey.

You try wearing a woolen coat in 35 degree heat with 200 other humans packed into a single room. That’s violation #2.

Once they arrive at the transport dock, there is no respite. They’re marshalled onto ships and sent off on a 3 week cruise to the Middle East where on average, 3 sheep share 1 square meter of space. Around 40,000 (out of the 4 million shipped) of them die every year before arriving. They die from stress, they die from suffocation, they die from thirst, they die from exhaustion, they die from overheating and they die from being trampled.

Sheep in car

Mind you, it is considered “haram” (forbidden) for these animals to be eaten now so they basically died for absolutely NOTHING.

40,000 sentient souls with central nervous systems and the ability to feel pain and trauma gone forever for NOTHING but human greed.

That’s violation #3.

The ones that make it are subjected to open air lots under the searing Middle Eastern sun frequently topping 40 degrees.

That’s violation #4

They are then sold to customers who routinely pick them up in cars and put them in the trunk AND close it. In 40 degree heat.

That’s violation #5.

They are often dragged by their necks or heads.

That’s violation #6.

Many of the ones “processed” on the lot are slaughtered in plain view of each other.

That’s violation #7.

They are not watered, fed or properly cared for.

That’s violations 8, 9 and 10.

How does your meat taste now?


Animal Abuse – Camels & Cows

Sheep have it hard but camels don’t have it any better.

They are often held in large pens with sometimes more than a dozen camels in a pen and literally have their necks sliced at the base in front of each other.

As one camel walks around, its strength gradually seeps away as it’s legs buckle and blood waterfalls forth.

It thuds to it’s side taking in it’s last moments of life as the next and the next is subjected to the same abhorrent treatment.

Some are tied and paraded in the middle of the street so passersby can watch the spectacle and not even let these majestic animals die with a shred of dignity.

They are often prodded with sticks, spikes and dragged by nose and mouth rings and forced to watch and smell the deaths of their fellow members before they are brutally murdered:




Camel screams in pain as knife is plunged deep into it’s neck and nostrils yanked with hooks. Another camel looks on.
camel slaughter
A camel is slaughtered publicly in front of a cow awaiting it’s turn. Notice the rope attached to a ring around the camel’s nose to restrain it. Child in background staring at pool of blood.
eid sacrifice
Public bloodbath. Out come the phones.

These images quite frankly, are disgusting.

If these images aren’t good enough for your eyes, then why are they good enough for your stomach?

I am ashamed to associate myself with people who treat animals this way and want no part in anything that treats God’s creation in such a manner.

The Prophet Muhammad admonished his Companions for hurting the feelings of a mother bird as recorded in Saheeh Muslim:

We were on a journey and during the Prophet’s absence, we saw a bird with its two chicks; so we took them. The mother bird was circling above us in the air, beating its wings in grief. When Prophet Muhammad returned he said, “Who has hurt the feelings of this bird by taking its chicks? Return them to her.”

And this woman was condemned to hell for mistreating a single cat:

A woman was tortured and was put in Hell because of a cat which she had kept locked till it died of hunger.” Allah’s Messenger further said, “Allah said (to the woman), “You neither fed it nor watered it when you locked it up, nor did you set it free to eat the creatures of the earth.” Bukhari 3:553,  Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar [Also in Muslim, Narrated Abu Huraira]


For one cat.

One bird’s feelings were hurt and this caused the Prophet (pbuh) enough grief to arrange for her chicks to be immediately returned to her.

Yet around the Muslim world, tens of millions of animals this Eid are not spared from the treatment shown above.

They are openly slaughtered in front of the other and where do you think the stress hormones of a 1,500lb animal end up?

Inside you when you eat the tortured soul and then we wonder why much of the Muslim world is very sick (we’ll explore that another time).

Cows and buffaloes are often subjected to even worse treatment because they have a tendency to fight back.

Some Muslims who have lost their sense of decency and compassion tie them in front of each other as menacing crowds gather in giddy anticipation.

Children are often encouraged to participate in the decapitations.

Visibly shaken and terrified, the animal knows what’s coming next. They aren’t stupid.

There are countless more disturbing images and videos online showing these animals being kept in a perpetual state of fear as they are tied to walls and taunted before they are killed.

When it’s time, it takes between 6-8 men to try and physically restrain the animal as it violently kicks (I personally love it when it lands one), desperately trying to save it’s life.

As valiant as their efforts are, they end up having their throats slit in wide, plain open view of other animals while a feverish crowd, drunk on blood go into a trance like celebration.

The stench of death soon follows and open air markets are soon stacked with swaying corpses as throngs of people check out the goods.

The foul smell makes me physically gag.

I personally do not know or understand how this is supposed to be part of the “beauty” of Islam.

Each and every one of these examples ends in the torturous and barbaric death of these beautiful animals.

Each one ends up on the floor, it’s lifeless, staring eyes the only sign of beauty remaining in a very ugly world.

Why Is This Acceptable?

Where are the scholars? Where are the “fiqh councils”?

Where are the imams, the muftis and community leaders openly condemning such actions and educating our communities not to torture animals?

It would be really nice to hear a Friday sermon, keynote speaker or conference dedicated to these issues.

Yes, you may hear the often repeated narrations of the prostitute that was forgiven for quenching the thirst of a dog or even the “mercy to all the world’s” verse from the Qu’ran but actionable, real world advice?


It saddens me even further when such actions are justified by many Muslims using the Qu’ran and Sunnah (sayings, actions and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh). 

Yes, we become very strict Muslims when it comes to killing and eating animals and we defend our right to the death to do it even when the world is burning…but not so strict in other matters.

Not so strict in our personal hygiene when attending the mosques.

Not so strict when dealing honestly in business. Not so strict when selling alcohol, cigarettes and other vices in our stores. Not so strict with our taxes.

No so strict when it comes to sexually harassing 99.3% of women on the streets of Egypt or Pakistan or India or any other Muslim majority country where women are easy targets.

I realize this may be uncomfortable for many people but this to simply illustrate the complete disconnect Muslims by and large have with their own faith.

We’re still asking our leaders if eating McDonalds is ok or not!

The real question should be “When are you going to tell folks to stop supporting such vile industries that are antithetical to everything Islam stands for?”

We have largely become a nation who are into “aadah” (habit) not “ibadah” (worship).


Please, Enough Is Enough

I really wish we would stop using Islam as a front to justify these atrocities against God’s creatures.

It’s outright cruel and inhumane.

It’s not okay to do this and you don’t need a scholar or any other human being to tell you otherwise.

If you have a heart, a conscience and an ounce of compassion, you would instinctively object to this.

It’s high time we evolved a new approach in order to bring about a positive change to this world.

Replacing factory farms with “halalified” versions will simply; pardon the pun, put lipstick on a pig.

You will still be destroying the environment, animals will still be abused and you will have accomplished very little.

Killing animals on such a large scale to satisfy the meat addictions of billions of people virtually guarantees animal welfare will be neglected.

The concept of mass animal agriculture is inherently wrong. 



What You Can Do About It

As God’s representatives on Earth (Qu’ran 2:30), is it not our duty to protect it or are we just content peddling slogans and lip service on social media and conventions?

This Eid, make your sacrifice truly meaningful.

Sacrifice your addiction to meat for one day. You can feed many more poorer people with better quality plant based foods for the same amount of money.

Don’t be part of the global crime taking place against animals and our planet.

You have a choice to make and your choices are a vote for either change or more of the same.

One can spend considerable time learning of the ecological catastrophes we’re facing due to breeding, feeding and killing approximately 100 billion land animals each year worldwide but more importantly…

What can we do about it?

Boycott these industries forever.

Do not be part of it.

The issue is far beyond the opinion of one person or the other. It is far greater and more serious than fixating on the rules of killing animals (Dr. Tariq Ramadan covered this in more detail here.)

Final Thoughts

Given the fact our past generations never had to face such significant environmental and ethical challenges of this magnitude, is it unreasonable to ask our scholars today to better inform themselves of these haunting realities in order to set us on a better course?

In fact, the Arabic word fiqh means deep understanding or full comprehension.

This is exactly what they need on these issues so they can produce a new fiqh for food relevant to us today.

A fiqh that accounts for our current climate so we can correct our course and serve mankind better.

I would really love to know what they have to say about killing billions of animals today given the devastating impact this has on our world.

Yes, I also want to know about GMO’s, chemicals and additives in our food, our obligations towards the environment and other such pertinent issues.

Allhamdulilah, I sleep well at night knowing I am not voluntarily contributing to the needless suffering of animals and destroying our world.

When I stand before God, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever saying to Him from the deepest place in my heart:

“Oh Allah, I did what I did out of sincere concern for your creation. I saw so much corruption and evil dished out to it, I wanted no part in it. Your seas were polluted heedlessly, your animals were massacred without mercy; even to extinction, your trees were razed in swaths and your people were starved and sickened. I did everything within my power and conscience to not partake in any of it; but to fight it for Your sake.” 

Knowing what you do now, what will you tell Him?

Remember, we weren’t born killers.

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  1. Allah in his glories quran says:”And the camels and cattle We have appointed for you as among the symbols of Allah ; for you therein is good. So mention the name of Allah upon them when lined up [for sacrifice]; and when they are [lifeless] on their sides, then eat from them and feed the needy and the beggar. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may be grateful.”22:36
    This is all we need, any vegan or vegetarian that states that Allah would be more pleased if they dont eat meat is lying and going against islam. Any vegan who thinks they are more pure or obtain more deeds for not eating meat are lying. The best of men were the prophets and all of them ate meat.
    Any vegan that thinks their hajj is accepted without sacrifice of an animal on mina is mistaken. there is no way around this.

    it is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should [thereafter] have any choice about their affair. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly strayed into clear error.(33:36)

  2. I think we should switch to a symbolic sacrifice instead of killing animals. The poor can still be fed with rice etc…

  3. Thanks for writing this. This has made me feel like I’m not alone in this.
    I was the same like you having to witness the ritual slaughtering at young age and the visions still haunt me till this day.
    And everytime the eid adha comes i will be overwhelming with sadness for so many animals that have to face cruelty and torturing. Instead of celebrating I mourn for them 😢

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for choosing the compassionate and merciful road to heal our world. Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

  4. I did not find a single place where he used the word Allah instead he is referring to God all the time.

    This guy has hidden agenda. He is one evil genius who is being paid to do propaganda against islamic values.

    Cruelty against any kind of animal is haram in Islam and our beloved Prophet peace be upon him has many incidents throughout his life when he showed his compassion for all kind of living things but sacrifice on Eid is a total different matter and Muslims sacrifice animals if they have enough wealth just to commemorate the the passion and sacrifice of Ibrahim alaihissalam

    I am amazed that still people are commenting on this post when it is clear that this man has only one motives that is to prove wrong what is being done throughout centuries.. According to his theory all the Muslims WHO were sacrificing animals in the love of Allah are wrong.

    I pray for this man who is entangled in the shackles of devil .. May he come back to real islam..

    I dont expect a reply and i will not bother to argue with you..


    1. Well maybe you should read more carefully Talha; particularly the the final paragraph in ” marks. Allah is God’s name in Arabic. If this is all you could manage to glean from the article, then perhaps it would be advisable to re-read it with an open mind.

      I won’t respond to your other false accusations.


    2. Did you view the images? Do you think the animals are suffering? Is that OK by you? To me, religio plays no part, torture of another sentient being is inexcusable in 2019 when kinder, healthier plant-based alternatives are available. Why do you call kindness and compassion for the vulnerable and helpless, evil?

  5. Salamu a aleikom dear brother. I loved your article. I am a practicing veg muslim, . The neg. Comments here are very disturbing. It seems like too many Muslims a re against any use of reason and logic and compassion also. It seems like they never bothered reading all the good points you made . The basic point is this: why should I cut the throat of an innocent animal which never did anything bad to me, or to any one else just for my selfish pleasure ? When people can live perfectly well without eating meat. You can sacrifice by giving the money which you love to the poor. There a re many sunnas which people Dont practice today, like living on dates and water , like reading sura baqara in tahajud salat, riding a camel, wearing a turban, walking barefoot and having many wives, why is udhia the only sunna muslims are so fanatical a bout, when there are many other sunnaa not being practiced. Look at the spirit of the law, not only the letter.
    I commend you for your patient response to all these ignorant fanatics who pretend like they are such great muslims, while their manners a nd conduct a re the opposite of islam

    1. Thank you Samer for your support and choice to be compassionate to all God’s creatures.

      Change usually is slow but already, we are seeing many great initiatives occur in the Muslim world and they sill only increase with time.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Sammer, the writer of this article. Thank you Sammer for taking the time to research and prepare this. Ask just one simple question to yourself. Does a human need to eat meat to survive ? Islam is in need of huge reform today. Basically generation after generation of Muslims have been on an ‘autopilot’ without really thinking things through, like what Sammer has done here. But, also, at the same time, there is alot of disinformation about what correct halal food slaughter procedure is. I can hardly find any proper source of information through google, and there appears to be a strong disinformation campaign in progress to confuse people about what halal food slaughter practice is. Basically and put quite simply, the animal would need to be aware of what would be happening, and would need to volunteer, with no resistance. Then, and only then, would I personally consider the food to be ‘halal’. If the animal is nervous, not calm, or resists, then the animal must be returned to pasture. This would greatly reduce the number of animals that could really be considered halal sources of food. Humans just have to deal with it. I am not mentioning of course special circumstances, for example, where if one is needing food and there are no other sources of food, then one would be compelled to hunt animals, against their will, in order to survive. But this would be an extremely rare situation on this planet. Also for your information, all of the popular translations of the Koran in circulation have been grossly mistranslated in English, leading to this misunderstanding that animals have to be slaughtered on Eid for example. This is not a requirement, and again the Koran has been grossly mistranslated in this respect. I am personally against any use of animals for human food sources. I would also encourage people here to consider a very good faux meat source called Beyond Meat – We all need to stop being mindless drones and start thinking things through. Incidentally and as an aside, here are some sources of information concerning cruelty to animals incidents:
    Veganism and Islam would be totally compatible. I would also say that above incidents could never happen at a properly implemented halal animal agriculture facility. Not to speak of the horrible things being reported in the above links, ‘tossing’ a chicken into a cage, or battery caging chickens, would never be permitted in Islam. Only kindness and full respect to any animal.

  7. Its just .. I can’t believe .. I find supporters .. I thought people would be negative .. I tried all my life for people to change their mind I ask question which no one can answer saying its aqida .. I love all of u guys .. U actually support it .. Plz plzzz just consider that by not sacrifising the poor animal and sacrifizing the money worth a camel instead to a poor person will change the Muslim world ..Allah sab pe raham frmae .. I am just so glad .. Hats off

  8. First of all, I am amazed that a Muslim is making this point of compassion on a large scale to create awareness. Its really difficult to find. And I m feeling worth living on earth with people who can feel the pain of others.
    To further support you, i want to tell you that in every religion sacrifice of animals is permissible with a lot of restrictions. And the purpose of restrictions is to uplift the person to the highest level of compassion slowly. As a doctor who asks a serial smoker to reduce his cigarettes from 60/day to 59/day doesn’t means that he is recommending smoking. The point is that he wants to stop his smoking slowly. Similarly all religions want peace and no killing of animals.

    Again I am thankful for your efforts.

  9. God Yahwe (al-laah in arabic) asked Abram (abraham/ibrahim) to sacrifice his son.
    Accordingly, Abram sacrificed his son. As per Jew, the son was Issac. As per Muslim, the son was Ishmael.
    Jew never sacrifice animal, but Muslim sacrifice animal.
    I think sacrificing animal to please god or feeding poor is superstitious.
    I support your effort in eradication of superstition.

    1. Just wrote an article about the sacrifice. Abraham didn’t sacrifice either of his sons but thank you for your support and compassion.

  10. Eid Mubarak to you dear brother! I support your cause totally. Keep up the great work of enlightening our fellow brother and sister. May Allah bless you and your family abundantly!

  11. Thanks Sammer ! for such a boldly move to speak up on this sensitive topic, being myself a Zoologist,
    I appreciete natures every creatures on this Planet created by Allah. You have meticulously described the views with appropriate references and logic.
    I wish more community experts should debate with healthy discussion on this topic of voilating animal rights, killing animals for sacrifice and food, when an alternate is available which is also created by God through us in the form of healthy nutricious diet of modern day compare to recomendation by him for eating meat for survival in 7th Arab century. I encourage you and aim to be Vegan…

    1. Thanks Syed for your terrific feedback and kind words, I really do greatly appreciate and welcome it.

      Very happy to hear you are a Zoologist – we need more of you in our communities!

      Eid Mubarak.

  12. Your mind is corrupted by your thoughts you are trying to make your minds thoughts into shariah which is not possible. Qurbani is big sacrifice. I think you are protagonist.

    1. Thank you Muzafar for your comment. Please feel free to attack the arguments presented and not me personally as I do not know you and have done nothing but express my opinion. Eid MUbarak! 🙂

  13. I am a vegan Muslim and this article helped me. Eid is coming and I have nothing but faith in Allah, but every year around this time I get so sad. It’s good to know that there are other muslims out there with the same feelings.

    Thank you brother!

  14. There is a lot of great points you are making with respect to the fact that animal cruelty and slaughtering mechanisms fall away from the sunnah and right method of sacrifice. And I completely agree with this fact that if you eat meat slaughtered in such a fashion, there is no need to sacrifice the animal at all. Therefore, how your article is presented with the improper methods of sacrifice, and the animal abuse is very accurate and that practice needs to stop.

    The other issue you bring up is the fact that its not prescribed in Islam. There is a verse: “So pray to your Lord and make your sacrifice to Him alone” [108.2] that could counter indicate that. The scholars of the past and present and the various schools of thought, folks who are much qualified than you and me, have interpreted this and came to a conclusion that this means it is Wajib. Therefore, we should leave the “analyzing of quranic text” to the experts and not how we interpret it on an individual basis.

    So with that in mind, there is a command from Allah SWT where he has ordained us to sacrifice and we should follow that command in the correct way as understood from the sunnah. However, as you said and which I agree with, the way we do it today is pathetic and completely unjustifiable.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment.

      This is the sort of discourse that enables MORE animal cruelty.

      I am free to analyse the Qu’ran as I like and with all due respect, I do not need your permission to do so.

      Have a look around son – the earth is being destroyed because of mass animal slaughter. Re-read the article and please note how the very act of raising and killing billions of animals is degrading our planet.

      Secondly if it was “wajib” – why didn’t God say so? Where is this explicit, direct command that is “nass” in nature where no disagreement of it’s meaning occurs? And why did the Prophet (p) and his closest companions not do so every year? Why did Umar actually say “For I fear people will think it is mandatory”.

      It is unethical, cruel and highly irresponsible to continue consuming animals today.

      1. Great insights Sammer. More power to you. Thanks a ton for being an exception in your religion and being compassionate because that should be the only way of life.

      2. I honestly agree with all your points. The way we are consuming meat today is indeed unethical and that was definitely not how it was prescribed. We definitely have the responsibility to keep this planet and all it’s inhabitants in good standing. Muslims definitely negret those core principles.

        You can definitely analyze but what I’m saying is that your analysis could be incomplete. Unless you are a scholar of Hadith, a scholar of the Arabic language, studied extensively for years, it’s unfair to take verses from the texts and put them in a context that supports an argument. I could take those same verses and put them in another context to support another argument.

        My thoughts are that yes, everything is true and that we are slaughtering. However I do believe that the general consensus behind most scholars in Islam are that it’s wajib. So perhaps it’s the fact of how this whole process is done which is leading to the destruction of the earth. I’d say if we were to go back to how this practice should be performed at it’s core, all these calamities would not present themselves.

        What you argue is definitely a solution to this devastating problem.

      3. Everything about animal cruelty in terms of the WAY we do this sacrifice is true and is wrong.
        However, you have missed the point. The purpose of sacrifice is neither to eat meat, and nor is it to feed the poor.
        It is to sacrifice a living thing which you love, for the love of Allah. Allah doesn’t need you to feed the poor. Nor does he need a grain of food that you grow to feed his creation.
        We eat meat throughout the year. No need to specially cut up animals on this day just to eat meat.
        The purpose is to SACRIFICE.
        That’s it.
        If you don’t want to do this sacrifice, don’t. But to go through all this effort just to support your vegan campaign is plain silly.
        This is how it was meant to be, this is how it will always be no matter how many articles you write, how many websites you start.
        You are NOTHING in front of Allah.
        Accept it. Move on.

        1. Thanks Raafay for your insight however, you didn’t really address anything in the article. If you would like to delve further int the topic of sacrifice, please feel free to read our latest one regarding the myth of Abraham being told to sacrifice his son.

          Also, I was not aware Allah appointed you as his attorney to tell people “you are nothing in front of Allah”.

          If this is the type of Islam you wish to call to, then I will politely decline and wish you the very best in your life.

          Have a wonderful day.

  15. There is nothing dearer to Allah during the days of Qurbani than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Judgement with its horns, hair, and hooves (to be weighed). Allah accepts the sacrifice before the blood reaches the ground. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart. (Tirmizi, Ibne Majah)
    Hadhrat Husain Ibn Ali (radiallahu anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The Qurbaani rendered wholeheartedly, happily and with sincerity of intention will on the Day of Qiyaamah be a shield against Jahannum for the sacrificer.” (Tibrani)
    Sacrificing animals is from the command of Allah in quran.
    “Sacrificing (animals) has been ordained on every Ummah so that the Name of Allah is mentioned on these particular animals which Allah has bestowed on them…” (Surah An’aam)

    1. Thanks for your post.

      Unfortunately, no such Qu’ran verse exists.

      You copied and pasted that Qu’ran “reference” from another website.

      Secondly, it is not “a command from Allah in the Qu’ran” otherwise the Prophet himself and many of his closest companions would have sacrificed every single eyar; which they didn’t. Omar (r) explicitly stated he didn’t do so so people (like you) don’t think it’s an obligation.

      Be well.

      Thank you.

      1. These are hadiths. Authentic hadiths. N sacrificing on eidul azha is wajib upon whoever has got wealth enough to buy even a single animal for sacrificing. Ur case is strange. If it was cruelty to sacrifice animal on eid or to eat animals like cow sheep camel etc then Allah would have made them haram upon us. Not only that, Allah would have not made halal for us any animal. But he made some animals halal for us to eat n forbade us to eat other animals. If u want to blame anyone for cruelty upon animals then blame it upon Allah bcoz it is he who prescribed us to eat animals that are halal. We r Muslims n not like u. U have become a murtad n a victim of some ignorant filth called veganism
        Lastly i read ur reply yo sister maheen where u asked her to show her where is it written that Allah ordered prophet Ibrahim pbuh to sacrifice his son. This reflects the kind of knowledge u have about Islam n particularly quran here are the verses. N go open quran if u have any at home (which most probably u won’t be having so go to a nearby masjid n read these verses in quran.
        101. So, We gave him the glad tidings of a forbearing boy. 102. And, when he (his son) was old enough to walk with him, he said: “O my son! I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you. So look what you think!” He said: “O my father! Do that which you are commanded, if Allah wills, you shall find me of the patient.” 103. Then, when they had both submitted themselves, and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead; 104. We called out to him: “O Ibrahim!” 105. “You have fulfilled the dream!” Verily, thus do We reward the doers of good. 106. Verily, that indeed was a manifest trial. 107. And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice;

        Surah As-Saffaat (37 : 101 – 107)
        P.S. Dreams of a prophet are revelations. Dreams are a form of revelations for a prophet.
        I advise u to come back to Islam n make repentance from ur religion of veganism. Follow Islam in its pure form. Just like prophet Muhammad pbuh taught his companions. N no need to reply to this comment as i reckon I have already given u enough points as evidence. May Allah guide u to Islam.

        1. It’s good to see you have indirectly retracted your statement that God said in the Qu’ran such and such when He said no such thing.

          Now, you are claiming there are hadeeth that say “sacrificing on eidul azha is wajib upon whoever has got wealth enough to buy even a single animal for sacrificing” – when the Prophet himself and his closest companions including Omar ibn Al Khattab, Ibn Abbas, Bilal ibn Rabah and others didn’t sacrifice every year.

          Does it make sense to you the Prophet says “it’s wajib” and he himself and his closest companions don’t do it?

          Thank you for resorting to personal abuse by calling me an apostate; this is usually what folks without a solid argument fall back on.

          This conversation is now over.

          Have a nice day 🙂

          1. Sammer, it’s painfully obvious that you are fighting a losing battle.. I really admire your compassion and love for animals, but I don’t see how you’ll ever change the mindsets of barbarians.. it might be that one day you will have to make a choice between the religion you love and the animals you love equally..

          2. I refuse to believe I must choose between the faith that mandates compassion towards animals and the animals themselves.

          3. Thank you Sammer – as a vegetarian Muslim from a non religious vegan/veggie family I found this very helpful, interesting and useful.
            Do you know of any charities I could donate to who will use non animal sources to feed those who are less fortunate?
            Best wishes to you all!

          4. Thanks Rachael for your support, very much appreciated.

            Best to donate to your local charity, they will be able to make best use from the funds they receive.

            Thanks again and Eid Mubarak.

        2. Allah didn’t ask Ibrahim to sacrifice his son. He asked him to sacrifice that which is most dear to him. That does not necessarily mean his own child. Maybe you should brush up on your knowledge before speaking.

  16. There is stuff in islam that is considered hukm…. something we must do its wats ordered by Allah… and then there are things in which one can have a preference …… disobeying a commandement is a sin….. theres a diff between us and the people before us and people of the book before us… we do not pick and chose what we wish to follow based on our own nature and likes….. yes we are born on the fitrah but our evil actions and evil around us causes us to lose that innocence… and when we grow up we think we are making pure good decisions buy chosing to disobey and giving a reasoning behind it..this is what shaitan did… he chose not to obey the commandment and gave reasoning that he is better then a man made of clay….. and what was his end????? He to was created to worship but that evil thought within him caused him to fall from such a status

    Learn the history behind it….. ibrahim could have said “ITS NOT NORMAL TO TO BE ASKED To SLAUGHTER MY SON” did he ??? No he chose to obey gods commandement and he passed the test where hes son was replaced by the animal…..

    These debates ideology and spreading of these thoughts is dangerous….. im not a blind follower i try to seek my answers by going to those who study the deen…. becaz i am just a muslim by name and blood…. not by knowledge…… so when an action needs to be cartied out who better to go to then he who has dedicated his life to learning and teaching the deen

    1. Kindly show me where God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son in the Qu’ran.

      Thank you.

      PS: Probably best to await the next article addressing this very point.

  17. Thank you, Sammer for a wonderful interpretation of Islam and its teachings. I love what you have said in your article and will share it widely. Much love and regards. May you keep planting more seeds of compassion with your thoughtful and compassionate approach.

  18. Great article! I’ve been vegan for 5 years. I wish more Muslims would consider as well and not be so caught up in their high meat culture.

  19. Hey brother ,what a great topic. You are really compassionate and spiritually developed human being. After clear evidence of posssesion and effects I had when listening to Allah swt words in ruqya. I’ve been struggling for a few months now to fully accept Islam because of this cruel satanic rituals which are not connecting to what I was reading in Q’aran. I’m really glad there are woked up muslims , it will be easier for me to go to a mosque now ,knowing that there are Muslims like you. Thanks

    1. Stay blessed my friend and never do what your heart knows deep down isn’t right.

      Allah is more understanding of your deep down thoughts than the judgement of any person.

  20. Dear Sammer,

    Lots of love and best wishes to you.

    Yours thoughts cannot be understood and comprehended by blind followers…..also those who wanna have their taste buds satiated for 2 seconds at cost of lives….

    You should reconsider your religion….Hinduism teaches the same as your thoughts….though many Hindus self-righteously would justify meat consumption as many here….still at least there is hope here.


    1. Thank you Aseem for your support. Let’s continue to strive together to bring people of all faiths to a more compassionate way.

  21. Please stop being abusive to Sammer (the author). I will pay tribute to him and this article this coming Eid ul Adha by sacrificing 2 sheep this year. One in my name and the other in his name.

    The meat will then be distributed to the poor.

    Kwaab Mubarak,


  22. Nonsense. Rasoolullah asked us to have mercy on all living things. Allah says on Quran that Prophet Muhammad PBUH is mercy to the whole universe. Rasoolullah made sacrifice on eid and ate them. Are you more merciful than Rasoolullah? Your an quoting an ambiguous verse from an hadith to turn down a direct commandment in Quran. Bloody hypocrite! Do you think people are foolish to listen to you? Why were you not hurt when killing plants? Don’t they have life? They have and are conscious too. They have senses and can feel pain too according to modern science. You are so stupid. Go back to school.

    1. Thank you for your comment Basith although I must say dear brother, your manners are not reflective of the mercy and compassion you call to.

      If that’s the sort of Islam you are claiming, where you think you have the right to personally abuse people because you disagree with them, then that is something I want nothing to do with.

      If you want to attack something, then my arguments are right there for you to take a shot at.

      Secondly, it seems you didn’t read (or fully understand) the contents of the article.

      Please re-read it carefully and try to recognise the perspective I am coming from.

      Perhaps if you engage on a more civil level, I will be more than happy to discuss with you.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  23. Sammer, i am deeply influenced and moved by your thinking more b’cause its from a muslim. I am on the same page with being against with non veg.
    I would like your support.
    Please drop a mail to my inbox.

  24. WOW Can not read these terrible comments!! It just proves me more that most of Muslim do not have heart!!! I am disturted to read these comments such a cold heart Muslims have((((( They have mercy only on humans nobody else and think that humans on the top of everything!!
    Article is GREAT thank you! I appreciate your courage to write it and share but honestly these kind of comments from muslims I did not expect(((

  25. Wonderful website and series of articles. Thank you for speaking up Sammer!
    Please keep spreading the message, these rituals don’t make any sense.
    Our beloved prophet a gentle and kind being, full of compassion would be horrified at what takes place now
    All the best to everyone on both sides of this argument

  26. i can feel the pain of the author i am a vegan agnostic Muslim and thanks a lot for this beautiful article i have lost all hopes from my fellow Muslims they are so much brainwashed in the name of Islam and Muhammad no hopes just killing innocent animals mercilessly and stupidly saying god wants it and we cannot understand this limited brain and bla bla bla if someone’s hand is cut then they realize the pain and then all fake logic’s stop plant have life silly but plant dont have central nervous system they feel almost nothing when broken. the only hope i have is atheism will grow among some open minded youth and may be after 50 years muslims will be more matured and think and act correctly …………… just hope and i am very sad all love and thanks to the author

    1. Thank you Muhammad. The noble teachings of Islam inspired me to write this in order to try and restore our sense of mercy and compassion to all living things.

  27. An insightful article, true facts written by this wonderful author. Religion is constructed by men. God is beyond all these dramas that men conduct in the name of religion & rituals. God is not in a book, cross or stone. God is in the Ocean, Mountain, Rain, Sun, Moon, Trees the Animals. God is in his creations! Pls don’t ever hurt or harm them .

  28. As a vegan Muslim, I applaud you. Your article was very well written and to be honest, the lack of compassion in the comment section disgusts me.

    Many Muslims repeatedly fail at being critical thinkers and look at the bigger picture.

    Please keeping doing what you are doing and speaking out. I support you wholeheartedly.

  29. Salām…this Article, despite raising important Points concerning the Adab/Etiquette of Animal-Treatment according to Islām, is extremely Disingenuous, Dishonest, Confusing, Textually-Inconsistent, Textually-Deceptive, Agenda-Driven. All the Facts mentioned in this Article, regarding Animal-Mistreatment, Environmental-Consequences, etc.: the Author purposely negleted to mention that most Cases of Animal-Cruelty in the Food-Industry are conducted by Non-Muslims within Non-Muslim/Non-Muslim Majority Countries.

    1. Walaykum Assalam and thank you for your feedback.

      If you could point out precisely where the article was “extremely Disingenuous, Dishonest, Confusing, Textually-Inconsistent, Textually-Deceptive, Agenda-Driven”, I would be happy to clarify.

      Thank you once again.

  30. Sammer – thank you.

    Someone needs to make a short film about the life of a sacrificial animal and use your article to storyboard; so it can go viral on social media!

    Your 10 violations are reason enough for how we achieve nothing by sacrificing tortured souls.

    1. Great idea Ahmed. We strongly believe the message is spreading rapidly and thank folks like yourself for your amazing support.

  31. Dear Sammer

    It is an absolute asset and a privilege to have a Muslim like you amongst our community.

    You embody the true essence of Islam.

    Keep up with your amazing efforts to create awareness about false detrimental religious practices and to educate the Muslim masses about what constitutes the real unadulterared Faith, Iman & Taqwa.

    God bless you.

    Kind regards
    And warm salam

  32. Thank you for writing this article. As i have been becoming more environmentally conscious I have been appalled at the impact of animal agriculture on the Earth. I have reduced my meat consumption to almost nought however I struggled with Qarbani this year. I spoke to my siblings and in the end I paid for it via a charity however next year I will give the equivalent as sadaqah in some way that will reflect the act of Qarbani. I have also struggled with the unislamic way animals are treated and sacrificed. I always say to my siblings what would the prophet pbuh do if he were here today. The prophet I have been described would never tolerate such behaviour towards animals or an industry that has such a negative impact. I will be sharing this amongst my family so we can start a conversation on how to make the ‘qarbani’ more Islamic and preferably meat free. Much peace and love. Eid Mubarak

  33. SHAME ON ALL YOU HATERS AND HYPOCRITS IN THE COMMENT SECTION! You call yourselves “muslims” and yet in a very SHAMEFUL and SINFUL way you DISRESPECT someone who is trying their best to show all of you ignorants (who 100% didn’t even READ THE ARTICLE and yet DARE open their mouths in a filthy and uneducated way!!!) that you are clearly misguided and dellusional!! All of you claim follow Islam’s message, the message of LOVE and PEACE and COMPASSION(!), you claim you worship and love Allah, the MERCIFUL, and you seak mercy from Him, yet you don’t show no mercy at all towards innocent living beings who feel joy, sadness, fear, pain and who NEVER EVER COMMIT SINS!? How dare you expect mercy when you are not being merciful yourselves?! SHAME ON YOU! The Prophet (pbuh) dispised those who mistreated animals and he would NEVER let anyone hurt those innocent creatures of Allah who have done NOTHING wrong, yet are treated like trash, like inanimate objects! The Prophet was concerned about ANTS being killed and TREES being chopped down, how do you think would he react if he saw what today’s “muslims” are inflicting on BILLIONS of animals each year and the planet itself?! Massmurderings and killing animals in general can and does only please SHEITAN! Only SHEITAN loves the masses of blood and killings!! How can you be so foolish to think that Allah would want to see His beautiful gentle creations be OUTRAGEOUSLY BARBARICALLY MISTREATED and MERCILESSLY MASSACRED without any remorse whatsoever?! You ignorant people need to realise your
    own hypocrisy and foolishness. If you expect Allah, the MERCIFUL, to show mercy upon you, CHOSE COMPASSION OVER KILLING, LIVE AND LET LIVE, simple as that!! Why is that so hard for you oh so flawless muslims to understand!? How come that the major rule of all possible religions including Islam is: “Thouth shalt not kill”, the most important, yet most ignored rule of all!? – People, I know that deep down inside you are not evil and you want to be good muslims. In today’s world, a vegetarian – or even better -vegan diet and lifestyle combined with showing RESPECT, KINDNESS and COMPASSION towards fellow humans and ALL LIVING CREATURES at all times can bring you as close to Allah and Islam’s message as possible. –

    Dear author of this article: I THANK YOU AND APPLAUD YOU, for you are a truely blessed! You inspired me, and I have a question: May I translate your text into my native language and print a few copies? I would love to share your great article in my local mosque and raise awareness in my community over this insanely important, yet vividly ignored topic.

    And haters out there, remember: Islam means PEACE, so be kind.

    1. Thank you Saya for your passion and support, I greatly appreciate it.

      Yes, of course you may translate it. Feel free to share it as the goal is to educate as many people as we can what their dietary choices are having on the world we live in.

      Be blessed.

  34. Salaam Sammer. Just wanted to let you know I appreciated this piece and agree fully with it. I’m comfortable saying I’m Muslim while believing that the faith allows for flexibility and supports humanity.

    I am frustrated at the haters in the comments who are completely unwilling to even consider anything outside a literalist interpretation of Islam. But then, this isn’t anything new… Those types of arguments are the ones used to continue archaic thinking and laws (such as a woman’s testimony = 1/2 a man’s — because a uterus makes you prone to lying??!?)

    1. Wassalam Ashah and thank you for your support and comment. It is an uphill battle but allhamdulilah I do what I feel in my heart to be best. Literalists haven’t come to terms we are not living in 7th century Arabia and we must adapt and change our behaviours today if we are to be relevant and valuable to modern day society.

      1. You seriously need to read your Kalima again , you weirdo . No one agrees with animal cruelty . But going against allahs commands because your intellect is so small . Give us a break. Shame on you, call your self a kafir and promote your shit but don’t call your self a Muslim and try and dismiss something allah has commanded .

        1. Why Adam? have you got a personal “copyright” on the adjective “Muslim”? No? Didn’t think so. Live and let live (including animals) PEACE.

  35. If anyone needs your logical option , believe me we would be asking you . But since your not god nor a prophet we are going to dismiss your illogical thinking and tell you to remain quite . I’m will actually do an extra Qurabni in your name 😉

  36. For some reason I couldn’t respond to the same comment! Here’s a direct quote from your article (How does one “compassionately” or “benevolently” cut someone’s throat? Doesn’t the act of killing by definition negate any benevolence?). I have a huge issue with this. You are directly criticizing the practice and teachings of the prophet pbuh. The teachings of whom come from Allah swt, the most benevolent and merciful. Are you saying that you are more merciful than the Creator? Because I like to give you the benefit of the doubt, I’ll say that was an unintentional mistake on your part due to your sensitivity towards animals. But please be careful about the things you say when it comes to religion. I didn’t mention anything about the animals because I already mentioned that this article has valid points. That is, I agree that there is mistreatment and abuse going on in the animal industry. I wasn’t throwing red herrings, but rather tried to give you examples that both support and negate your logic (depending whether you’d like to encompass all wrong doings going on or just focus on animals.

    1. No, I am asking a legitimate question which so far I have not received an answer for it yet so will continue asking it. Do not confuse sincere, legitimate questions with criticism. If you can tell me how one can kill something benevolently when the very act of killing isn’t by definition benevolent, I am open to understand. I also did say that is something I wish to explore at another time as it is not a simple matter. I will continue to do more research into it to see if I can uncover anything to reconcile these two seemingly polar opposite concepts.

      This article was about Muslims contributing to animal abuse and the planet’s destruction. The other issues you discussed aren’t relevant to the topic so won’t be addressed at this point in time.

      Thank you.

  37. The environmental mess in the world today has nothing to do with the Islamic concept of Qarbani but has to do with new man made ideologies such as capitalism.

  38. Sammer, congratulations on becoming an A Class Native Informant. I won’t tire you with a tirade because I’m pretty sure you’re tired about reading the backlash against you. A few points thought:

    I think we can all agree that everyone eats way too much meat. I’ve definitely tried to cut it down and in MY ideal world, Muslims would eat meat twice a year (two Eids). This is clearly closer to the Prophetic template, ecologically sustainable and needless to say, a lot healthier. Red meat isn’t that great for you in the quantities that we eat it in the west and it’s clearly not environmentally sustainable as you have pointed out.

    I’m not so sure why you felt you were entitled to push a very personal view of yours on the rest of us and then try and give it a veneer of religious sanction, since you must have known it wasn’t going to go well at all. Yes, animals are mistreated all over the place. Yes, animal husbandry is one of the greatest contributors to the greenhouse effect on the planet. Simple facts, but you’d be better off telling Muslims that they should eat less meat in emulation of the Prophet instead of just arrogantly telling people how enlightened you are, how barbarian everyone else is. A lot of people joke about the self-righteousness and fanatical proselytization of vegans but it’s really true and you’re proving it further.

    Lastly, I couldn’t help whilst reading your piece that you really have some very sad misplacement of priorities in your conscience. Look at your Umma dude, Burmese military forces are rampaging through Rohingya Muslim villages in Myanmar and tossing toddlers and elderly people into wells and then dragging young women and girls into huts to gang rape them. Picture that in your mind for a moment. In Yemen, hundred of kids are dying every day now from starvation and disease brought on by the Saudi war there. It’s an incredibly insensitive time to talk about sheep and goat rights when our people are the ones being slaughtered, literally.

    Lastly, a word of caution: careful with the “what would the Prophet say if he was alive now” or “Islam has to change for the modern age” wormholes. Don’t go down them or you’ll lose everything. Yourself, your present and your akhira. I guarantee this to you.

    1. Hamza,

      Please address the material in the article.

      Which part of the facts that I posted do you dispute?

      I do not care if you think I am trying to “push a very personal view of yours on the rest of us” when it was YOU who came here on your own accord and decided to engage.

      With regards to your lecture about Rohingya and Yemen, etc, one CAN actually care about animals and fight for their rights AND humans and other causes as well.

      Thank you.

      1. I APPLAUD you for staying strong and kind and articulate after reading all this nonsense. It is the guilt within that drives people to make the type of comments I am reading…and for the folks that have displayed no respect towards you, they really should think a little harder about what they are ‘defending’. And for the record animals for consumption are never treated humanely, in life, in death or on your fork.

  39. SubhanAllaah… What a delusion. This brother is completely westoxicated. How can you stand before Allaah using your logic and reasoning against His laws? We sure need to correct something’s but not this your veg belief into Islam. Vegetables too have life like animals. So? May Allaah return your taqwa.

  40. For sure, the most ethical way to source meat is to raise one’s own livestock, ensuring that they are treated well, given access to their natural diet and slaughtered the same way the Beloved, sal Allahu alayhi wasallam, did.

    Or, alternatively, leave them alone in their natural environment where they can carry in their normal lives and then take them a single, well placed shot, such that they don’t suffer at all.

    1. So your solution to the environmental mess the world is in due to raising, killing and eating animals is to raise, kill and eat animals?

  41. The author of this article is mistakenly conflating today’s practices with Islamic principles.

    First: Islam’s stance on animal sacrifice is is meant to help us understand the importance of giving up something we are very close to, for the sake of God. This is why its actually always been recommended that you buy the sacrificial lamb / cow / bull etc well before Eid ul-Adha. In fact some people would buy it right after Eid ul-Fitr. You’re supposed to become acclimated with the animal, develop a sense of attachment and love, so that when Eid ul-Adha arrives you know what it feels like to sacrifice something close to you. [I’m sure the author is aware of this]

    Second: The improper or unethical practices of some Muslims and non-Muslims cannot be used to judge Islamic principle. You can evaluate their conduct in light of Islamic principles, sure – but not the other way around. Islam is pretty explicit about treating animals kindly before slaughter, including guidance such as making sure the knife is super sharp, and that the animal doesn’t even see the blade, and so on. All death involves some sort of pain, and Islamic scripture and guidance is being quoted in the article then I’m sure one will remember (or find) the words of the Rasulallah (saws) that stated all death involves some pain, however slight. So just because the animal is going to feel some pain does not mean you end the act of animal slaughter.

    Third: This article really falls apart when you consider that many Muslims in the west do actually go get their animals from small farms where animals are raised sustainably, ethically, and responsibly. These animals aren’t mistreated during their life, nor at the point of slaughter.

    As Shk. Ahmad Kutty (who I know personally, and also know his son Faisal very well) stated in the article linked above, explicitly prohibiting the consumption of (halal) meat is contradictory to God’s laws and this article comes very close to crossing that line.

    I have no problems with someone (Muslim or non-Muslim) laying out the case about why they are vegetarian. But I do object to such people making poor pitches to the masses about why they should do the same.

    Yes, I’ve also seen animals being slaughtered right in front of me, when I was a child. No, it didn’t leave me with any kind of psychological scars. And I like my steaks medium-rare, thank you.

    1. It’s interesting your response did not contain a single reference to the destruction animal agriculture is having on our planet.

      It’s rather regrettable you chose to ignore the underlying points of the post and focus on irrelevant tangents.

      1) The reason the sacrifice was stipulated was at the time, animals were a measure of someone’s wealth. If you were poor, your animals were not slaughtered. They sustained you with milk and wool. If you were wealthy, you could afford to eat them. So the verses came to specifically address the issue of sacrificing from what would be your most valuable asset. These facts are explained in more detail here.

      2) The post made it crystal clear “from the outset” Islam’s principles were not the focus. Please stick to the topic.

      3) There is no such thing as mass producing animals “sustainably, ethically, and responsibly”. Please stop using euphemisms for mass animal abuse because that’s what it is. Each time you eat an animal in our time, you are directly contributing to destroying God’s earth and supporting industries that institutionalise cruelty. If you think “halal” today is merciful asnd does not contribute to the environmental disaster we are in, you need to get a serious reality check my friend.

      Please educate yourself on how your dietary habits are directly contributing to what Islam condemns. You may also want to look into atherosclerosis.

      Thank you for your input.

      1. Sammer,

        Skip the condescending nonsense, thank you.

        I’m very familiar with where my zabiha meat comes from, and for you to accuse me of contributing to destroying God’s Earth is utterly laughable. I’ll continue to eat fish, lamb, steak, and chicken until the day I die.

        Quite happily, quite contentedly.

  42. This article left a sour taste in my mouth. The adhia is NOT animal cruelty. Sure, some people and facilities dealing with adhia have serious issues and flaws, but the essence of the adhia and implementing it properly according to the sunnah is far from cruel. In fact, it’s the best and most efficient way to slaughter an animal. If you were traumatized by that and found the blood and gore hard to stomach as a child, I’m sorry. However, that doesn’t justify instigating people to deviate from the sunnah. The meat is meant to be slaughtered and distributed to the needy who, unlike our ourselves, don’t have the luxury to fill themselves up with fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. in amounts sufficent enough to maintain their bodily needs. And meat IS a great source of food, regardless of your opinion on it. So if you decide not to follow the sunnah, at least don’t tell others to stop so needy people can get some meat this year. Also, there is a theological flaw that you need to be careful of. The adhia was mandated by Allah (swt) who is inarguably the most merciful to his creation – man & animal alike. So by stating “I know in my heart God will not be displeased because I decided to show compassion to his creatures and not kill them” you’re [though probably not purposefully] implying that you’re more compassionate to His creatures than He is. Just for your info, even if all people stop slaughtering and benefitting from sheeps/cows/etc., they would still have to be killed sooner or later due to overpopulation and outsourcing.

    1. It appears you have completely missed the point of the article.

      “The adhia was mandated by Allah (swt) who is inarguably the most merciful to his creation – man & animal alike”

      No it was not.

      Abu Bakr, Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Abdullah Ibn Masud, Ibn Abbas and Bilal Ibn Rabah ALL did not sacrifice on Eid at one point for this exact reason – that Muslims would think it’s obligatory when in fact, it isn’t.

  43. Some also make the argument that religion itself is irrelevant today and no need to follow it or believe in a God due to modern context. Doesn’t mean they’re right.

    Also killing animals for food is normal and part of the human experience. I also was exposed to animals slaughtered on Eid at a young age and have done it myself as well but it didn’t bother me at all. We all used to enjoy it. Not everyone has the same reaction to things, I think you’re generalizing a bit too much of how it made you feel.

    Cruelty in general of course is wrong towards animals. This is why the kill should be swift as possible as recommended by the Prophet pbuh.

    I would support perhaps reducing consumption of animals in general but to discourage something explicitly mentioned, I would never. Rituals and laws explicitly mentioned never change due to time or place except in very dire circumstances, even that temporarily. We can reduce greenhouse effect by encouraging reduction in animal products in general but don’t need to discourage an explicit ritual. I think Allah knows better than us when He explicitly mentioned it.

    1. You all “used to enjoy” killing animals?

      Thank you for admitting you’re a sadist and possess psychopathic tendencies.

      1. That’s all you could come up with everything else? Wow delusional much?

        There is nothing sadistic about enjoying eating meat. It’s part of life. Get over it.

        Now, about to go enjoy a kabob.

        1. I agree
          How can a person enjoy causing the suffering of an animal
          Muslims could celelebrate the day without this barbaric practise
          I became vegetarian because when I was very young I saw killing an animal and this shocked me.
          I can’t believe Islam says to kill an torturing animals causing them such a sufference
          I can’t believe Islam lacks the basic compassion and mercy
          I hope there are educated Imans who really know te Kou’rn to educate their community to respect the rights of all living beings even the animals

  44. Brother I never read such nonsense before this.if you are a sensitive person who can not see animals being slaughtered,dont promote your views.its your sharia right to slaughter and animal and if you dont you are definitely sinning.

  45. This article makes me very sad. I was going to slaughter an animal this year for the sake of Allah but after reading this post honestly I will slaughter two animals inshallah.

    I think this article was insensitive, tone deaf and very discriminatory to vegetables, grains and non meat food items!!

    I ask Allah to guide all of us. Ameen.

  46. Enough said

    [Quran 22:36] The animal offerings are among the rites decreed by God for your own good.* You shall mention God’s name on them while they are standing in line. Once they are offered for sacrifice, you shall eat therefrom and feed the poor and the needy. This is why we subdued them for you, that you may show your appreciation.

  47. My brother, your “sympathy” and “compassion” to the creation means absolutely nothing in comparison to the order of Allah SWT! When Allah SWT himself has ordered us to slaughter the animals, we can not use our small little intellect (which is more than evident through your article) to go against the order in name of “compassion.”

    Normally they say,
    كلمة الحق، اريد به الباطل
    (True words, with a sinister/false agenda)

    But in your case, we will say,
    كلمة الباطل، اريد به الباطل
    (Bogus words, with a bogus/false agenda!)

      1. I’m glad you said this. About Muslims neglecting their core principles. There are various valid points in this article (e.g the disastrous effects of animal agriculture). However, just because you’re not comfortable with eating meat (due to one reason or another), the answer isn’t to stop udhia, but rather to educate in proper farming and slaughtering. If we follow your logic, everything about modern life is contrary to Islam. This includes the device you used to write this article, the manufacturing of which had wasted tons of fresh water and produced toxic and hazardous waste. Even modern farming (livestock and fish farms aside) is detrimental to our ecosystems. So really, the problem isn’t with eating meat. However you’re entitled to your opinions about your choices, but since you’re not a religious scholar, you can educate about veganism without getting into the religious aspect IMHO. All the best!

        1. Mimi, the point of the article was to highlight the fact eating meat TODAY is ruining the planet and causing more humans to starve.

          I have provided all the references in the article. Your response was “but there are other things that are bad”.

          In other words, just do nothing because everything else is bad.

          Your analogy is flawed and nothing but justification to continue down this path of destruction.

          1. I didn’t say to do nothing. I said to educate about proper and sustainable ways of farming (whether it includes animals or not). I also said that since you are not a religious scholar I don’t believe you have the right to criticize an Islamic practice. Your issue isn’t with just mistreatment of animals as it was evident when you said “what is benevolent about slaughtering”. That was the practice of the prophet pbuh so if you really had no issues you wouldn’t have mentioned that. Having background in environmental health, I thought I’d mention other things that are going on in this world that are causing disastrous environmental effects. I won’t even go to bigger issues like wars. I’m sorry that you felt that my logic was flawed when I pointed out how your way of thinking could simply be generalized to almost every aspect of our lives nowadays. Mass production of houses, cars and even grains all cause similar environmental problems. So really if my logic was flawed so is yours!

          2. You are putting forward red herrings that have nothing to do with the article.

            Where did I criticise an ‘Islamic practice”? Do you think the images and practices I presented are actually ‘Islamic’? No, they are barbaric and contribute to the cycle of torture and death. Islam does not say to treat animals this way neither does basic decency.

            What facts presented in the article do you disagree with and why?

            Wars, cars, etc. DO NOT cause “similar” environmental problems whatsoever. It is animal agriculture that is creating the single biggest environmental impact on our planet and for you to state “but there are other things” isn’t addressing the issue at hand. As Muslims, we are contributing to these disasters due to our meat addiction and heedlessness.

            I also note you mentioned absolutely nothing about the poor animals who are the victims of the crime going on against them. This just reinforces the point of the article that Muslims by and large have a complete disconnect and lack the basic compassion and mercy we talk so much about.

            Thank you.

      2. hatts off to you brother . now this is hight time to stand up against animal sacrifies in the name of islam. it is just a Mal practice . now hight time to scrap all of such misconception and believes . we Muslims always think that Islam is perfect. off course Islam is perfect. but I request all the Muslim brotherhood to just try to peep inside ur heart do u actually knows all the Islamic rules and obligation with thier actual motive and sence and for what circumstances they are asked to do so. once try to read actual reference text our QUR’AN SHREEF istead of other discription. believe me Allah t aalaw send QUR’AN for every individuals not for any perticular imam or any other religious leader.
        Believe me brother if thing you may not understand exactly what written .but I would not be happen that u would understand opposite meaning Quran Shareef.
        because most of the Muslims around word are Right it’s hard to convince them. but I give my heartly support you. what u take initiative for animals welfare as well as it’s would rectify our misbelives . Allah is most mercyfull to us and for all .

          1. Why do you pray 5 times a day? Cuz Allah has ordered you to do so.

            Similarly. The sacrifice of an animal is an order. Fulfill it.

            Also have you seen your teeths? They alone point out that a human is build to consume meat and vegetable.

          2. Where did Allah “order” we must sacrifice? The fact there is a huge difference of opinion is testament to the fact it is not orained.

            Anatomically, we are fruigiovore and our teeth are built perfectly for it. Our teeth are not like true carnivores like big cats.

        1. Ole Macarena! Much love to you for your stance against bull fighting. It is an absolutely disgusting “sport” – one I hope the people of Spain eradicate quickly.

  48. Bro, why did you take the time to write this long tedious article if you are not trying to convince some of us not to sacrifice animals.
    if the prophet SAW, did it, i will do it, end of discussion!

    1. The appropriate question is not what the Prophet (saw) did 1400 years ago. The question is rather: What would he do today? Would he contribute to an ecologically-destructive industry that is destroying the planet and aggravating world hunger and food insecurity, or would he consume and donate the abundance of fresh, fruit, vegetables and legumes we have access to today?

      1. Islam is meant to be universal. Our prophet’s time and place were most befitting based on the wisdom of Allah for the revelation of the religion that has always been intended to be universal in all times and places. It’s not befitting to say what would the prophet do if he was present today in our times. Rather, the rules of deriving fiqh and Islamic rulings are based upon scholarly efforts based on what Rasoolullah did, and commanded, and recommended, despite his time and place. Rants like these are contrary to faith. Of course Rasoolullah did not know the precise dilemmas and problems of our present, but the lack of faith is in trust in Allah’s revelation. Certainly, Allah knows the past and the future , and this deen is a revelation from Allah, who is Lord of all the Universes, the Most Wise, the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Compassionate, and on and on and on.

        1. Thank you for your comment, but regrettably Imran, it doesn’t actually address anything and falls right into the category of using religion to justify crimes against the planet.

        2. Well the Prophet rode a camel and never drove a car, he didn’t watch TV or use the Internet, in fact he never wrote… anything… so how can we say that our Prophet’s time was the most befitting or that Islam is meant to be universal? What’s universal about Islam is the fact that it DOES allow room for interpretation and adapatation unlike many of the centrally-controlled Abrahamic faiths before it. We don’t think twice about modernizing 95% of the things we do that are contrary to what the Prophet did, unless it serves our own purposes it seems.

          It’s clear from his teachings that we find in the Sunnah that he himself used his judgement on a scenario-by-scenario basis instead of making one-size-fits-all judgements that were always applicable. We should be doing the same, as the world, society, technology, and humanity itself develop so should our understanding of the faith.

      2. And you are systematically overstepping the boundary of Islam by insinuating that if the Rosul is around, he’d change some of Allaah’s law? SubhanAllaah. You are busy choosing between Islam and this your god dam veg mentality.

      1. They state you should not do anything Muhammad did not but they state it by the internet using mobile or computer, in English, with air contditioning on and vaccinated against anything.
        Pharisaism its called

  49. Are you dumb or what humans don’t starve because of animals because humans don’t eat grass. Even for the sake of this argument we say that we do eat grass, not killing them will increase there numbers, so they will eat more grass.

    1. The vast, vast majority of the animals forcibly bred for slaughter do not eat grass. They are confined to factory farms and feedlots. They consume more than 80% of the world’s grains and 90% of soya while +21 000 humans die from hunger on a daily basis. The author is not “dumb”. You are misinformed as to the factual reality of animal agriculture.

  50. Brother humans are not starving because of animals because cows eat grass humans don’t. have some common sense before writing a whole article about this kind of topic.

    1. Just a thought, we send our Qurbani abroad, poor people rejoice at the fact that they will eat meat after so many months (the last they enjoyed meat was last Eid al adha) I’ll take their Dua any day over this guilt that you’re trying to put on.

      So please, that logic doesn’t work here. Even the meat from hajj gets packaged and sent off to the poor.

      Yes conditions for Animals need to improve especially for Muslims so they are eating halal and tayyib. That has to and must be a work in progress for everyone.

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