Muslims; Go Vegan & Stop Being Part Of The Problem


We must set the example of how to be responsible global citizens and stop our heedlessness, gluttony and excuse making.

Today we as a species are in the worst position in human history. 

15,000 scientists from 184 different countries just signed “a warning to humanity” about the growing threats we face and not surprisingly; most of the problems listed: 

  • Climate change
  • Deforestation
  • Species extinction
  • Loss of access to clean water

Are a direct result of animal agriculture – currently the biggest cancer on our planet today.

I wrote about this in more detail here and here.

In fact if the human race was to perish tomorrow, our extinction would benefit everything on the planet – the air, the water, the soil, the mountains, the plants and animals – ALL would benefit. 

However if ants or bees died out, we would as well. 

This just goes to show our level of self importance is very misplaced. We really are not as special as we claim.



Our Horrible Resume


chickens in cages
How Is This “Halal”? It’s NOT!

We have wiped out more species over the past 50 years than at any point in world history.

Our forests are being cleared at record rates. Our oceans are the dirtiest they have ever been with trash and sewage being dumped at ridiculous rates thereby decimating and poisoning fish and marine animal populations.

Our air quality is plummeting.

All of these crimes against the planet are caused by raising billions upon billions of animals to kill. Countless land, air and marine animals are recklessly exterminated to satisfy our gluttony, fashion and even amusement.

But before they are mass murdered every second of every day, we treat them like they are devoid of emotions and feelings. We throw them behind cages like criminals when it is us that should be held to account. They did nothing wrong!

We drag them, beat then, grind them up alive, gas them, electrocute them, cut off their horns, tails and beaks, throw them on top of each other on transport trucks and devised countless other ways to enslave, torture and exploit sentient beings.

All for what?

For our greed and all of this bad treatment is coming back ten fold against us with a vengeance.

The sheer amount of resources it takes to raise all of these animals is unsustainable and putting a choke hold on our natural resources.

When we continue down this path of cyclical torture, destruction and death, the world starts to literally fall apart before our very eyes.

As Muslims, we are currently part of the problem.

We’ve lost our sense of compassion and we must find our way.

Our meat and animal product addictions are feeding this vicious cycle.

As a community we are afflicted with the exact same ailments other communities who are addicted to animal products suffer from: cancer, heart disease, depression and now a growing host of newly diagnosed conditions.

What have we done to take a stand? Do we sit by and do nothing as our world plummets into misery?





Why do we obsess over our own creations when we feel their sanctity is violated: books, mosques, clothing and the like but when God’s own creation is violated day in, day out – his majestic animals; we don’t even flinch? Are our creations more sacred than our Creator’s or what exactly?

We attach such great importance on our man made symbols but literally throw God’s symbols behind cages and in the garbage.

God Almighty appointed us as stewards and guardians of this planet and we have behaved like we don’t care thereby paying a dire price for this indifference.

There is no excuse for this.

Hlal slaughter is a myth today
There’s no need for this abhorrent cruelty.

We must stand against all forms of injustice and oppression and that includes the worst kinds of oppression inflicted upon the animals and environment.

We talk so much about how the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was “a mercy to all the worlds” but are blind to the realities to what’s afflicting our different worlds today.

Shame on us collectively and our leaders for remaining largely silent and heedless as the human race continues to accelerate the world’s decline!

In fact – I will say it is more in line with Islam’s core values to go vegan today than not to.

There, I said it.

Mercy, compassion, justice, protecting the oppressed, the weak and innocent as well as doing what’s best for all and minimizing harm cannot come from supporting factory farming practices of the meat, dairy and egg industries – period.




Moving Forward


We launched this initiative to help us start turning things around.

We’re going to need a major paradigm shift in order to make an impact and insha`Allah, it will happen but not before we are prepared to have very real, open and yes; uncomfortable conversations within.

Both our religious and non religious leaders must have the courage to re-examine age-long held beliefs and traditions in order to become better as a community.

We can no longer afford to have our blinkers on and refuse to reinterpret and understand our texts to align with what’s best for our world, not our own selfish interests and traditions.

This is where you come in.

Help us help the world by doing your research and taking the compassionate decision.

Choosing not to be a part of this mess is something each and every one of us can do. Be the change you want to see in this world.

Share and spread the message as far and as wide as you can.

Together, we really can make a difference even if it’s to one bird; it’s worth it.

Go vegan.


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  1. I am a vegetarian who is interested in veganism and considering going vegan(not easy in a non-vegan household). Firstly. I have to say that although I believe that it is permissible to eat meat as our religion permits us to do so, I also believe that we have a choice. We do not need to.
    To the muslims who believe that we ‘need’ to eat meat as we are meant to slaughter on Eid-ul-Adha, there is a way around this. In our household we pay for an animal to be slaughtered, yes, BUT it is fed to the starving people in some poor country. I think that if people are starving then that is an exception but otherwise there is no need.
    Do not use your religion as an excuse to carry on eating meat. Besides, do you really believe that factory farming and the general mistreatment of animals in the meat industry is permissible in Islam?! I think not!
    – Hanifah

    1. for starving people instead of killing a innocent animal dont you think is cheaper to pay farmers to give them fruit and veggies?

    2. In’sha allah you can become vegan soon. I was vegetarian for a good 5 months and in that time i was consuming eggs and then i had researched the dairy and egg industry in completely put me off. I can no longer look at meat, dairy or eggs in the same way again only see the poor animal that had to suffer. I am a vegan in a non-vegan household. It has some struggles like I end up buying and making my own food. but I encourage my family to have no meat meals at least once a week or at least try to cut down their consumption. I hope they will change soon
      I had originally became vegetarian for health reasons and my parents and grandparents have so many illnesses from diabetes, heart problems. etc. which has all started due to the lack of a healthy diet and wellbeing. but then i realised what the meat industry is actually about and forget about your taste buds its not worth an innocent life. animals do not need to die for human survival.

  2. oh i am so impressed with your call to veganism
    Congratulations on great site and i hope you reach many many people

  3. Dear Sammer, I really enjoy reading your articles! I absolutely agree with you and hope that soon many more muslims will adopt a vegan food choice and lifestyle of compassion and kindness!

    1. Assalamu Alaikum,
      Thank you very much for your offer. At this point we are not in need of any further support. Please do join our Vegan Muslim Community on fb as well as our page, The Vegan Muslim Initiative, also on fb.

      1. Salam my many muslim friends can not understand english can u pl provide some articles in bangali lang so i can enlight them.tks

        1. We only write in English but always welcome other folks translating them into any language they like; which we have had done several times.

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