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Don’t Kill An Animal This Eid

No, I am not going to sacrifice an animal this Eid-ul-Adha nor am I going to pay someone to do it for me. Instead, my sacrifice is going to be of a non animal nature and yes, it is religiously sanctioned and justified. I saw animals being slaughtered when I was a boy and it hurt me deeply. I couldn’t understand why such beautiful creatures had to die. Still don’t….

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Where The Heck Are You Sheikh?

Imams, sheikhs, scholars and community leaders have largely ignored the issues of animal and environmental rights and contributed nothing to making our planet better. Why is it after over 30 years of listening to Friday sermons, seminars, workshops, lectures, YouTube videos, Facebook feeds, etc. there isn’t a single – as in NOT ONE dedicated effort from our leadership to reaching out and protecting and saving animals? Our environment? And I’m…

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The Halal Meat Saga

The entire “halal meat” slogan is predicated on a profit driven industry just like any other industry that doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of the animals they mass exterminate or the people who get sick and die from eating them. There is hardly a conversation that I have with a fellow Muslim about being vegan except the inevitable “But it’s halal!” argument being directed at me with the…

new islamic laws for food

A New Fiqh For Food

We need a new fiqh for food. There, I said it. Not because our great scholars of the past and sages of Islamic texts were out of touch but because we are living in dire times right now. Nor am I referring to rendering prohibited food items permissible. The challenges we face today are completely different than many centuries ago. Quick example… A few months ago, I saw a woman…

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Why Vegan?

The first thing many Muslims emotionally tell me when they learn I do not eat animal products is “You’re making what is halal, haram!”. There are a number of problems with this statement. The assumption one must eat animals for their Islam to be valid I’ve never claimed nor will I claim such a thing. The assumption is today’s animal products are halal and tayyib (or pure and wholesome), which they…